Australia Votes : Leadership Debate : 25th July 2010

Australia Votes Leadership Debate 25th July 2010

Today’s leadership debate was really good with a lot of people saying a lot of good and bad things about both Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.

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The best thing was that there were more than 7000 tweets sent during the debate and more than 140 tweets were sent in the first two minutes. It was pretty happening debate.

So, what were tweeples talking about, what was mentioned mostly and who was the winner in twitterland:


So, the winner in the twitterland was Tony Abbott as he was mentioned more than Julia Gillard:

Words Mention in one Tweet Total Mention
ausvotes 5693 22782
debate 5891 22745
apos 2761 3851
tony abbott 933 3558
quot 686 1620
worm 678 1494
julia gillard 681 2675
masterchef 332 1160
fair 356 755
dinkum 307 652
people 301 650
think 261 532
vote 230 510
why 234 486
get 232 475


Even the worm got mentioned more than Julia Gillard.


Looking at the heat-map, Tony Abbott was a clear winner whilst Julia Gillard had less mention in the twitterland.

I must say that the major television channels have given a clear winning to Julia Gillard, the twitterland had other plans.


Written by Shailendra Kumar
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