How-to predict a Stock Price using other Stocks

Predicting the stock value using RapidMiner

I have written a regression model to calculate / predict the stock value of David Jones Share on the basis of the data points collected from Yahoo finance website. The independent variable include Telstra, Wesfarmers, Virgin Blue and Harvey Norman share.

Model Formula:

1.114 * Harvey Norman  ^ 2.000
– 0.702 * MYER  ^ 1.000
– 10.383 * TELSTRA  ^ 1.000
– 62.099 * Virgin Blue  ^ 5.000
+ 26.308

The model is 91% accurate and after testing it in the last few days, I have got the best results of getting less than 2% close to the actual value.

Model tested on yesterday’s data:

Stock - 1

Please feel free to write to me, in case you want to model any other stock and /or you want the model for the above tutorial and I can send you the excel spreadsheet containing the model.


Shailendra Kumar

Written by Shailendra Kumar
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