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SHailendra Kumar

Welcome to the domain of data mastery curated by Shailendra Kumar, a seasoned virtuoso with 28 years of trailblazing experience in driving value through data innovation. With a formidable arsenal of skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science, they’ve orchestrated a staggering AU$ 6 Billion in transformative value across industries.


As the visionary author behind ‘Making Money out of Data,’ their strategies aren’t just ground-breaking; they’re a roadmap to digital dominance. With a distinguished career spanning IBM and Accenture, they’ve spearheaded revolutionary AI and Machine Learning models that redefined the analytics landscape.


Imagine presenting ground-breaking deep learning solutions to global leaders, reshaping entire industries, and harnessing raw data to forge golden opportunities for retail titans like Woolworths and Coles.


This visionary isn’t just rewriting data’s rules; they’re paving the way for unprecedented brilliance to meet boundless ambition. Dive into a universe where data reigns supreme—connect with Shailendra, and embark on an extraordinary journey into the future of data-driven triumphs. Let’s make it happen!