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Cognitive Taxi! Coming to your town, Very Soon……

by Shailendra Kumar


Cognitive Taxi

Cognitive Taxi is coming to your town, very soon….


Ride to work with a Cognitive Taxi

Our dear friend Sam was recovering quickly after the terrible accident as we read before. Don’t know what happened? Read here! So coming back to his recovering phase and how badly he wanted to go back to work – his car is not back with the garage yet. But Sam has decided to go to work anyway and has decided to take a taxi.

Taxi however is no more the same in the cognitive world. The new age taxis are not only just driverless but also have a mind of their own. The cognitive taxi is a moving automobile synced with all kinds of other machines on the road and otherwise. Thanks to artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) that has helped elevate the concept of Cognitive Taxi to another level.


How does a Cognitive Taxi work?

The taxi is being operated without human help and is equipped with a powerful GPS system with a number of other sensors to coordinate with other devices, vehicles, authorities and more.

Before the taxi starts, it maps its environment and localize its position and compare it with other fixed and moving objects assisted by the laserfinders and cameras of the taxi. The central system of the taxi calculates the time taken for the laser to come back after bouncing back from the objects and calculates the distance by using basic kinematics equations. This process is done within seconds and the vehicle has a three dimensional map of the objects around it. The taxi now has a path which can be tracked. Also, with the help of infrared sensors, the taxi can differentiate in between living and non-living objects around it and estimate the probability of moving.

The camera of the taxi identifies the objects further and compare it with the database to identify the object and understand the nature of the object. The decision is made accordingly.  The taxi is processing massive volumes of data in seconds and making decisions which will decide the trajectory. A probabilistic model is used to predict the movement and pattern of movement of the objects around with the help of past experiences. For example, if the taxi identifies an object as a bike with the help of its shape and speed, the central system will know the speed limit of this vehicle and if it applies brake, how much time is this vehicle going to take to finally stop. This eventually helps the cab to make more intelligent decisions.


Cognitive Taxi - Inside Outside

Cognitive Taxi View: A self-driving car

Now while the taxi is about to move, it aligns its GPS with the map and with every inch it moves, it repeats the practice to identify the objects around with the help of lasers and make decisions regarding pace and directions. Moreover, the central system of the taxi doesn’t just rely on the GPS because there might be certain delays in fetching data. It also has information about the same path since the taxi has transversed this distance before. The overall path was identified after analyzing the map and location of all objects which the vehicle would encounter in the way. According to the same, a rough set of commands is issued which includes steering commands, turning instructions and the speed for different patches of path.

Emergency vehicles like that of an Ambulance have been marked with sensors which convey the priority. All the other vehicles acknowledges and makes way for it. The Cognitive Taxi is capturing all kind of structured and unstructured data to make decisions in real time by crunching large volumes of data.

Let’s navigate through Sam’s experience of a cognitive taxi:


Finding a Taxi

Sam called his HR to inform that he would be coming and he mentions that he will be taking a cab since his car is not back yet. The phone has noted this fact and has looked for the cab providers nearby. The GPS of phone knows the distance between Sam’s phone and office. The same data is being fed to the cab providers’ systems and in return, the cost for the ride is being collected for different car models via different providers.

As per the likes and priorities of Sam, a final list of car model, service provider and the cost has been presented to Sam and he selects a high-end model. It is good to have a little extra comfort when you have just met an accident. Sam’s phone has conveyed the time for arrival along with exact coordinates of the house.

The cognitive technology has automated the entire process of finding a taxi and making the bookings based on the interests, requirements and feasibility. All Sam had to do was make a wish! 


Arrival of the Ride and settling in

The cab arrives at the designated time and sends an alert to Sam’s phone. Sam is ready and pick up his laptop to reach. The GPS of Sam’s phone has been linked with the taxi and it is noticing every step Sam is making. The air conditioner of the taxi has been switched on as soon as it is noticed that Sam has made the move. The temperature has been set same to the temperature that is maintained by the air conditioner at Sam’s house. The taxi has connected to every other device in the house through Sam’s phone and has gathered the relevant information already. As soon as Sam nears the taxi after getting out of the house, the taxi door opens automatically and Sam takes the backseat.  After Sam settles in, the face recognition system of the taxi scans his face to confirm his identity and a voice from the device asks if Sam is ready to move.

Because of cognitive, the cab is no more a strange vehicle. It knows you just as good as your own car and provide you with the similar environment and service. The security has been intensified and the interests of Sam have been taken care of. 


Starting up

Sam has been alerted about the time of the ride and which route the taxi will be taking.

Sam’s favorite news channel is being broadcast on the television in the taxi. The details of the channel were provided by the TV at the house to provide a personalized experience where Sam is now watching TV from where he left.

Sam remembers how he used to carpool back then and had to pick up his friend – Robert. He feels it will be good to give him a call and see if he wants to join. It will be a good company and he can catch up about work and what has been happening at his office while he is on the way.

His phone makes the call and Robert is more than happy to join. He is elated to see Sam again. Sam asks the taxi’s control device to reroute. Sam’s phone is coordinating with Taxi to give the new route.

The Taxi informs Sam that it will add 20 more minutes to the expected time for destination since they will face some congestion. Though there are no traffic jams in the cognitive world, but minor congestion and speed-reduction are experienced to eliminate risks. Sam loves driving but after this terrible accident and seeing how swiftly the driver-less-cognitive taxi is working, he is inclining to make more use of it in future.

The Taxi also informs about the added cost and ask for Sam’s confirmation. The revised bill is automatically sent to the credit card company after Sam has confirmed.

Changes in routes is no more a trouble because of cognitive. The automation also keeps Sam updated about every minor change that is happening and take his feedback on it.


Picking up a friend

Sam’s phone has connected the taxi to Robert’s phone after Robert allows for the intervention. The same protocol is followed while reaching out to Robert’s house and he soon joins Sam at the back seat with a wide smile. The two friends hug and the journey continues to Sam’s work-place.

Sam is a bit thirsty and decides to check out the mini-fridge in the taxi. To his surprise, the content of the fridge is same as to his own. The fridge of his own house must have conveyed the information to the taxi the day before. He picks up a juice can, the same brand he drinks at his house. The cost for the same is again added to the bill which is conveyed further.

Not only this, Sam is also provided the facility to shop. Since Sam has picked up the Juice Can, the cab asks him if he wants a pack of 6 delivered at his home? The Cab has also detected the brand of clothes Sam is wearing and has analysed his style, according to which he is being suggested to buy similar apparels at great discounts provided that he buys while he is taxi.

Cognitive has redefined the concept of personalization and has taken it to another level. Thanks to cognitive, Sam can find his favorite things everywhere, even in a taxi. The personalized sales takes inputs based on what is being used by now and delivers the output with the buying options with highest probability.

Reaching the destination and getting back home

The journey is covered in no time with laughter and discussions between the two friends. They are alerted 5 minutes before reaching the destination so that they can wind up any important discussions that they are having. The office building security has been sent the scanned office I-card of Sam further which the door is opened. They are dropped at the reception area and Sam is asked if he wants a ride back home as well and if he wants the same model of taxi. Sam definitely needs a ride back home in the same model and the details for the office end time has been conveyed to the taxi.

As soon as he reaches at his desk, a pop up alert at his phone is asking him to review and rate the service at various parameters.

After a healthy day at work, Sam is expecting his taxi soon. He won’t get the same taxi but the provider will arrange for another one with same model. His new taxi has been dropping people all day long but the taxi estimates the time to reach to Sam’s office and take the bookings accordingly.


His taxi is there 5 minutes before and Sam has been alerted for his happy ride back home.

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