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JMP Video Tutorial For Quick Graphing And Correlation
JMP Video Tutorial to visualize and Predict Australia’s Population

The above video tutorial is an attempt to visualize the population growth data from Australian Bureau of Statistics and predict the population of Australia in the coming years.

The data is freely available and downloadable from Australian Bureau of Statistics and the JMP software is a SAS software.

The key findings are:

  • The immigration has significantly increased in 2007/2008/2009.


    • The birth rate has been flat and hasn’t grown that much.
    • If Australia’s population keeps on growing with similar pattern, the predicted population of Australia will be $27m(plus minus 2m) in 2022 (50 quarters from now). The prediction has a strong p-value of less than 0.0001 and R-square of 0.9999, i.e. very strong statistical significant.
Quarter/YearPredicted Population(000)
Predictive Modeling: Improving Margins by Identifying and Targeting High-Risk Populations
JMP Start Statistics: A Guide to Statistics and Data Analysis Using Jmp, Fourth Edition (SAS Press Series)

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