Hidden Patterns in Departmental Retail Sales in Australia: Secret Unleashed

Hidden Patterns In Departmental Retail Sales In Australia

I was observing the departmental store sales in Australia through the Australian Bureau of Statistics data which is widely available through their website and here are some of the findings:

1. The departmental stores sales in Australia were hit badly in the month of February 2010, as compared to the trend in the previous years.

2. Though the sales were tad a bit better than last year but were far below  Feb. 2008.

Whilst, I tried to explain various external factors that explain the departmental sales, I found that the following have a significant impact on the departmental sales in Australia:


in the order as above.

Looking at the correlations between the Departmental Sales, Retail Sales and Cafes, Restaurant sales, I found the following:

The departmental Sales are strongly correlated :


This means that if the Food Retailing Sales increase and Cafes, Restaurants and takeaway food services do a good business, with more women working, departmental stores are going to have a good time and will have a good month in Sales.

I hope the above information is helpful.

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Written by Shailendra Kumar
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